6ix Star Accommodations

Devin Bowie & Archell Vergara

silver / 2021 / City of Toronto

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6ix Star Accommodations

Toronto is one of the best cities in the world to live, eat, party, relax and enjoy and it also has some of the most incredible world-class tourist attractions around. But, much like the rest of the world, COVID has brought Toronto's tourism industry to a halt. So, our team asked ourselves, how do we bring attention to Toronto's most marketable tourist attractions in a buzz-worthy and exciting way? Original Insight: Imagine staying on top of the CN tower. That would be amazing. Idea: Introducing 6ix-star Accommodations. The most epic Airbnb stays in the 6ix, including the CN Tower and the ROM. Why we love it: This campaign will create a ton of buzz around Toronto and its biggest attractions, while also incentivizing the booking of a trip to Toronto ASAP to get the chance at a once in a lifetime, and extremely share worthy experience.

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