Archive of Lost Faith

Nina Hang & Megan Radisa

bronze / 2022 / Rainbow Faith and Freedom

HU0088 1652026447

Archive of Lost Faith

One of the growing threats to religious faith is actually faith-based homophobia and transphobia. It is an emerging cause of LGBTIQ2S+ individuals and allies leaving their place of worship. 

To inspire LGBTIQ2S+ inclusion and acceptance within religious communities, Rainbow Faith and Freedom will exhibit this threat to religious practice with the launch the Archive of Lost Faith. A real collection of abandoned religious items- Bibles, prayer mats, Star of David necklaces, and more -that were once used by LGBTIQ2S+ individuals before faith-based homophobia and transphobia drove them away. Each item will feature the person's heart-wrenching story.

The exhibit will exist in real life and online. 

It's a choice that no LGBTIQ2S+ person of faith should have to make. To address this religious discrimination, the campaign will drive people and institutions to Rainbow Faith and Freedom's resources for LGBTIQ2S+ inclusion and acceptance. Because unconditional love towards everyone only strengthens faith and community.

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