Ryan Dzur & Sam Cote

merit / 2023 / Dairy Farmers of Canada

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To get young millennials and Gen Z to associate our Blue Cow logo with sustainability, the Dairy Farmers of Canada will brand its own source of renewable energy and use it to charge the things that matter most to our audience – their phones. It’s called Dair-e and it’s made from 100% bioenergy from the farmers’ own existing sustainability efforts that convert things like farm and milk waste into a source of energy. To bring Dair-e to our audience, we create “Dair-e Cows” – cow-sized installations of our Blue Cow logo that will be used as phone charging stations. We place these cows everywhere our audience needs a quick charge, from schools to music festivals. Now when young millennials and Gen Z see the Blue Cow logo, they will associate it with renewable energy and sustainability.

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