Mith Das

bronze / 2021 / Wattpad

TD8505 1619636857


Wattpad has been criticized for just wanting to make money, instead of actually supporting and amplifying diverse voices particularly those of marginalized people like BIPOC and LGBTQ2S+. In terms of showcasing diversity, creativity and self-expression, there is nothing like the art of drag. However, with bars and clubs closed during the pandemic, many drag artists are struggling to find ways to make a living while continuing to express themselves and entertain others. DragPad is a virtual platform where drag queens and kings are commissioned to present stories from Wattpad's extensive library. Each artist selects a story and creates a unique look inspired by the genre, the plot, and the main characters. Then they read excerpts from these stories on Twitch, Instagram, and Facebook livestreams. Viewers can donate tips in real-time to support the artists, and also link to Wattpad to read the stories in their entirety and support the authors.

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