Haute Cou-Tool

Colin Brown & Geoff Morgan

merit / 2023 / Schulich

MQ4747 1682103087

Haute Cou-Tool

Haute Cou-Tool On-site gear for a hype-worthy career path. Skilled trades are vital and proud pursuits, capable of generating lucrative incomes. Yet for many, they’re still seen to lack the prestige they deserve. To counter this myth - and promote their 100 annual scholarships - Schulich Builders will partner with Louis Vuitton to create an haute couture tool bag. Sturdy, stylish and fully functional, the Haute Cou-Tool is designed to earn media attention and amplify a simple truth: a career in the skilled trades is more than worth it. How it works: 10 bags are designed in collaboration with Louis Vuitton. They’re promoted via PR, influencers and social channels. The bags are then gifted to each partnering school as year-end prizes for enrolled students.

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