JELL-O MoldCraft

by Tommy Yong & Matt Miller

bronze / 2021 / Jell-O


JELL-O MoldCraft

 One of the biggest and most popular creative outlets for kids today is Minecraft. An open world game that lets the player build virtually whatever they want out of perfectly, colourful blocks. So what if their favourite creative outlet could become their bridge to the kitchen? Introducing JELL-O MoldCraft, a Minecraft tool devised by JELL-O that turns virtual block creations into real-life 3-D printed molds to bring creations to life. After downloading a JELL-O MoldCraft plugin for Minecraft, young families and their kids can select an object they've created in Minecraft, Jellify it, and then have the real mold sent to their home to make jiggling, edible versions. Our integration with the popular game creates a platform that encourages young families to try new JELL-O recipes and continue to explore their creative side. 

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