by Lindsay Newton & Christina Gregoire

gold / 2021 / Simons Student

Simons reunite


How do we come back after a pandemic? We have an idea to help get started. Simons cares deeply about the environment and knows masks kept many of us safe throughout this troubling time. But as we reach the end of COVID-19, and the need for a mask slowly decreases, Simons will repurpose unwanted masks and elevate them as a symbol of unity. One of the saving graces of this difficult time has been our ability and willingness to come together, protect each other, and build each other up. Simons will create a post-pandemic re-entry capsule collection made from your recycled mask fabric. This unified collection will be made by you, for you, to wear into the new world. Face masks got us through this pandemic, now let's let them bring us back together. Reunited.

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