Scrubbie Stories

Xiang Zeng & Emma Lorenzi

silver / 2022 / Crayola Scribble Scrubbies

VW6109 1652034206

Scrubbie Stories

Bedtime stories are an essential part to every kid's nighttime routine. Crayola's taking this special tradition to a whole new level by having kids create their own books, starring their favourite toy as the main character.

Scrubbie Stories is a digital tool that allows kids to put their real, decorated Scrubbie into a customized bedtime story. They can influence plot through written prompts and add stickers to make the scenes their own. The tool will then generate the story to be instantly read online or ordered as a printed, hard-copy book. Select books will also be turned into OLV content and audio books for Crayola's owned channels, narrated by the kid authors who created the stories. 

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